Does Clueme works on iPad and iPad2?

A: Yes, it does work on both iPad and iPad2.

What is minimum iOS required?

A: At the minimum iOS 3.2 is required.

What are promo packs?

A: Promo packs are Clueme Trivia pack that contain about 5 Cluemes that you can install for FREE. If you like the promo pack you can buy the actual pack which normally contains 50 Cluemes.

What are Clueme packs?

A: You can buy additional Clueme Trivia questions as pack via App in Purchase. Each pack contains 50 Cluemes either on a specific subject or misc Trivia from a variety of subjects.

Can you replay a pack once it has been played?

A: Yes, you can reset the pack via the Avatar Configuration pack for that Avatar. Click on the RESET button to reset a specific pack.

Can you reset all the packs to be played again?

A: Yes, you can reset the all the packs for the an Avatar using the RESET button via the Avatar Configuration screen.

Can you install and play the same pack on more than iPad?

A: Yes, you can as long as you sync your iPad with the Apple account you purchased the Pack under.