Clueme is a simple and interesting Trivia game that you can play with family and friends. Playing Clueme is very fun and challenging.

The goal of the game is to find out the answer (can be one or two word long) for the puzzle before the time runs out.

Game Play

Each trivia has 5 clues.
Multiple profiles (Avatar) can be created. The score and rank for the Avatar is tracked separately.
Once the trivia is solved or the user asks for show answer, that trivia is marked done and will not show again for the same user.
Hint & HelpersThe tells whether the Clue related to people,place,animal, thing or something else. It provides a one word related to the Clueme.
Helpers can be used to give more hint about the Trivia. The player earns 1 helper on solving the Trivia. The players earns 2 helpers if the score > 3000 instead of 1.
The players can keep on carrying helpers however one can only use a maximum of 3 helpers per game.

Each level provides a different difficulty, time allowed and answer attempts to solve the trivia.The game can be played in Easy, Medium and Hard levels.

Level Name Hint Time Attempts
1 Easy Mostly about 5 minutes 5 chances
2 Medium Sometimes about 4 minutes 4 chances
3 Hard Rarely about 3 minutes 3 chances
At the end of the game the score is calculated. The score is calculated based on various factors like number of clues used(lesser mean more score), game level, trivia difficulty, time take, answer attempts etc.
If the user solves the trivia and win then only the score of the current game is added to the overall score for that user.
Based on the score the Rank of the player is determined.