PeeTracker Do you have an overactive bladder? Do you discomfort while taking a pee? Do you want to track your pee frequency and its characteristics? Do you want to keep an eye on your hydration levels? Pee Trackers helps track all of that with a simple interface.

Pee Tracker is a tool that helps you to record and track your daily hydration and urine levels.

Pee Index
The Daily Pee Index provides an overall score about your urine and hydration level. This score ranges from 0 to 100. The more the score the better your urine and hydration levels are. Its takes in account various factors like urine amount, color, frequency etc. and calculates the score.

Hydra Level
The Hydra Level provides a overall score about your hydration level. The hydra level ranges from 0 to 100%. The more % implies your hydration levels are better. It takes in account various factors like frequency, the intake of items, activity etc. and calculates the %.

App Usage
When ever you take a pee, record it. You can specify 5 different data points (Color, Amount, Discomfort, Intake and Activity) A Max of 3 intakes (food, drink etc.) can be specified. Also for each intake you can tap on that intake button to specify more than one. Only one major activity can be chosen.

All your Pee logs will be shown on the logs screen. For each log entry it shows an icon with Up, Equal, Down sign, implying that your Pee index went up or stayed equal or went down compared to you last log entry. The color of the pee is shown by the background color of the record.

If any record was added by mistake or you want to clear some or old records, you can swipe on that particular row to the left and a delete button will show up. Tapping on delete button deletes that entry.
You can also search based on the data points via the Search bar on the log screen to filter out records.

The app can help the patient to track his/her urination frequency, color, etc. Doing so this will help the Doctor to analyze the data that the patient collects. This can help in better problem diagnosis.

Color Codes and Ranges
Red = Implies low levels (less than 30-40%)
Yellow = Implies medium levels (less than 40-70%)
Green = Implies high levels (less than 70-100%)
This coloring scheme is used for Pee Index Gauge, Hydra Level Gauge and as well as relative Pee Index displays.

The Hydra Level and Pee Tracker Index are arbitrary concepts that implement their own fuzzy algorithm to keep you motivated and are not clinical approved or proven concepts.

Suggestion and Feedback
We hope that this app helps to track your urine and hydration levels. Please send us your suggestion and feedback to help us improve the app. Thank You.

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