Meet our esteemed team of illustrators and designers that bring our books and apps to life.

Iris Dominique works an freelancer, she is currently in college and enjoy reading books, Manga(Japanese comic), writing and most of all drawing. Iris started drawing when she was 5 years old and took a lot of interest in it. She enjoyed how it lets you express yourself in different kinds of ways and at the same time, how it makes people happy when you make a drawing or them. She take pride in my work no matter what people say, but she always has open-minded to constructive criticisms and plans to improve as he learn more.

Naima loves the idea of bringing inanimate objects to life. This is why she is a freelance animator by day and Puppet and craft maker by night. She currently does stop motion cutout animation, claymation, 2d computer animations. She mostly uses Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects to do my animation. Her skills include- Character animation, 2d design and storyboarding, green screen effects, lighting and rendering. Other than animating, she spends her time making cutout books and collages with different objects and paper.

Vinil Raj is full time illustrator & graphics designer from Cochin India. He has a strong experience with drawing ¬†Cartoons, Children’s illustrations, Characters creation and more. He specialized in children’s book illustration and knows how to create the magic that children would love.

Fahmi Fauzi is a freelancer, Illustrator and Graphic Designer. He has done many projects related to Illustration and Graphic Design over these 4 years. His time is most spent in front of computer exploring the world through internet. Loves drawing and digital painting and can spent many hours exploring his skills.