Meet our esteemed team of authors that bring wonderful stories and informative books or all ages.

Alice Forest is a freelance thriller writer. She has been fond of books all her life. She has worked for book publishers for a couple of years, then started publishing her e-books. She writes psychological thrillers as well as true crime mysteries and ghost stories, often using the elements of ancient legends and folklore tales. Aside from that, she is a copywriter, and she writes web content for enterprises. Alice lives in her studio apartment, along with three wonderful cats.


Kim Chase lives in Ocala, Florida, and enjoys spending time outside with her horses when she is not busy writing her next children’s book.  “Writing for children is my passion!” Kim stated.  “I love writing for children because I firmly believe that if you can get a child interested in reading at a young age, then you have just given them a gift that will last a lifetime.”  Kim has written many enjoyable books for children covering a wide array of topics, including a pre-school aged book series, through to non-fiction and a mystery title for older readers.


Manpreet Vohra is a Software Architect by profession, has written a couple of books about Design, Programming and Software Development. To fulfill his creative side, he works with various other authors of the Livrona Press to create inspiring stories that spur emotions and provide an engaging experience to the readers of all ages. He lives in Bay Area, California with his lovely wife and 10 year old loving son.