Rocky's New Friend, Blade the SharkRock’s New Friend – Blade the Shark

Adventures of Rocky

(Volume 1)


James Paul & Alice Forest

Excerpt form the book.

 ” Once upon a time, near the Pacific Coast, lived a young angelfish named Rocky. He was a neon blue fish with bright orange patches. He was very playful and active.  He could swim miles every day, and was always ready to do some mischief. On top of that, he was very curious to explore the deep waters but was afraid at the same time.

His best friend was another angelfish that was just as old as he was, named Gaga.  She was a bright golden orange color, with blue markings and green fins. The two of them played together all the time. They chased each other around the reefs and played hide-and-seek amongst the colorful corals of the salty, warm ocean water. They ate zooplankton together, swarmed with other angelfish and enjoyed each other’s company very much…”

Its is a good read for kids 3-8years old. It provides valuable life lessons that kids can learn and enjoy the story at the same time.

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