RodneyBookCover WebRodney – The curious rat with a long tail: Adventures of Rodney

Are you looking for a great children’s book story that is about adventure, something that teaches kids an important life lesson and has beautiful illustration that your child will love? You have found that right here with Rodney – The curious rat with a long tail !

Rodney is somehow different that other rats. He is special because he is creative and curious. All of sudden there is water shortage in the village. What is going on? How will Rodney solve water crisis? Find out more in this exciting adventure!

The story is intriguing, and the colorful illustrations come to life. The book as 20+ beautiful illustrations. You can see that in the book preview. This book is suitable for 5-8 years old.

The book is available for Kindle devices, the Kindle App for iPad, iPhone and Android.

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